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Arturo B. Bernas Jr.

"My name is ART. Male, 32, I am a native Filipino from Manila, Philippines. I am a Basic Class student at the Philippine School for Interior Design. I honed my skills in art since childhood. I am a passionate art lover or I may say all aspects of ART. Self-learned digital designs and techniques make me vulnerable when I'm in the mood for my creations.

"WASTE LAND, ver. 1" inspired me to create a something-out-of-nothing design. The way it was created and collaged together is not just simply a collage of colors. The eyes are simply drawn to it because the design is unique. Really beautiful. "SEMANA SANTA", means Holy Week, that's how I look at the festivity celebrated yearly here in the PHILIPPINES. An abstract illusion during the parade. Done in Photoshop cs2, Ulead 5 and Ulead 10.

"'Party Bukid Composition 1 & 2'. Where is the party? Night lights, fancy dress, socials, Life is too short, have fun."

"'Floating Mate'. Experiencing a premium lifestyle."

"'Breakthrough' is a concept that encapsulates the groundbreaking ethos: technology behind beauty, celebrating art beyond art?s sake."

"'Dumbogbog' is my favorite animated character."

"'Eye Tigre Aid, ver.1 & ver.2'. I love gold accent with a twist adapting to whatever circumstance."

"'Revolutionist'. Silence with visions. It deliberately deviated from being superficially interpreted. It creates chaotic impressions. Expressive with freedom. Geometrically and no boundaries."