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Noel Bebee
Always Take Off Into The Wind
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The artist Noel Bebee states: "I'm a old school artist that is trying to do what I call Computer Incubated Art. In other words the computer holds or incubates all the work until it goes to print. That's the only way that I get to really see if what I've done is any good. All of my work is done by hand with the computer using the paint brushes, mouse and drawing tablet in Adobe PhotoShop. The actual image size of some of the work is around 3 to 4 feet by 3 to 4 feet. I like to try and keep the idea of still working as large as I used to when I was using oils. The beauty of the computer is that it gives me a studio that I can do work in and store in without running out of room. It never becomes the mess my old studio use to and I don't have to pay rent."

Artist Statement : "The human quest to correct Mother Nature, the world and the twisted results of those efforts appear as themes in my past and present work."