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Between the Sky and the Earth
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The artist Claudia Alves states:

"Computer Painting is the exclusive result of a painting made by a Visual or Fine Artist , who uses colors, brushes and wrist spatulas or even freehand, as tools to make paintings. The original painting is printed by using several techniques like Print Silk Canvas, Tergo Print, Hand-Crafted Ultra Light and other printers and midias, and then signed clear hand by the author.

"The printed art is not virtual at all, and, on the contrary, is very much real.

"Digital Painting or Digital Graphic Art: Names formerly used to define a painting made by using a computer caused much confusion, as it didn?t exactly specify the difference between Digital Art and Digital Painting. Words in English may have several meanings, the reason why the newer nomenclature came in to facilitate the understanding and the direct definition of all this ? Painting by means of a computer or Computer Painting and not Digital Painting (mix-up in digital art).

"Digital Fine Arts: A technique registered globally in the Rio the Janeiro National Library, in the name of All The Fine Artists Of This Planet, by the author, who set up this technique, not for himself, but for whoever that may use it, by getting knowledge in the source or by his own means

. "In this technique some distinct software?s are used (COREL PAINTER being the main one ) with the application of virtual paints, brushes, spatulas, through freehand brush-mouse movements fitted to all the former areas of the traditional painting.

"This technique takes into account the quality, for printings in several sizes and also big panels.Above these quality values, computers must have high RAM memory sizes.Large format printers wouldn?t be able to print at the original quality and many wouldn?t even succeed to open the file.

"DIGITAL ART: Any kind of art made with a computer or with any digital means.

"What points out Computer Painting is the use of brushes, spatulas, etc? without filters or effects, and that the art is made totally freehand on blank canvas or working on a previous image."

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