Voodoo Mamma
Jacqueline Okuhara
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Jacqueline Okuhara is based in Ontario, Canada. She writes, "I have a practical and academic background in art, having studied art history and a variety of material arts in Europe and Canada. I specialized in textile design and jewelry-making and taught these subjects in college for some years until deciding to make a life change and concentrate on my own artistic pursuits which included teaching myself how to use a computer graphics program.

"My work is done directly on computer without scanning in images. I 'draw and paint' using filters, masks, fills, etc.... I enjoy the immediacy of computer imaging and see it as a tool or vehicle in my repertoire of self-expression. My work is... based on my life experiences and my personal preferences. I find that the computer, as a means for image making, has endless possibilities and that I am just beginning on my own personal journey."

There are nine images in this exhibit, six of them from the artist's Voodoo Mamma series, which is especially notable for the fractal imagery integrated within them.