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a Flash animation by Warren Furman
Musee d'art de Route de Salete

This video is some 8 MBs and will take a few minutes to download depending on your bandwidth connection. It runs for about three minutes and will replay automatically until the page is exited.

Warren Furman composed both the music and Flash art for this video. He is a native New Yorker currently residing in NE Pennsylvania. He studied composition at Queens College (CUNY); architecture at the University of Cincinnati and Pratt Institute; Industrial Design at NY Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences; and attended graduate seminars in experimental music and ethnomusicology at Weslyan University. Founder of Long Island's Furman School of Music, he taught piano and composition for several years before returning to art and, in 2002, once again to music.

Furman's scores have been performed in New York and Pennsylvania, while his electro-acoustic music has been heard at festivals and over FM stations here in the USA and abroad. His most recent works are for chorus, with and without instrumental accompaniment, and A Little Music for the Chamber Made, a composition for chamber orchestra yet to be performed.

In 1998, upon discovering the remarkable similarities in the techniques used to create electronic music and digital art, he returned to visual art and now has well over two hundred paintings that have been exhibited extensively online and, more recently, in real world galleries. He is an occasional software programmer and furniture designer. He may be in competition with Frank Gehry. But it's hard to know what's more interesting, the musée itself or the art that it displays.

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