MOCANET is our network of world-class digital art sites.

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There is no charge for inclusion in our online list of world-class art sites. There are no fees or registration requirements. We are especially interested in art created in Artificial Intelligence programs.

MOCA evaluates all submitted sites for the quality of the digital art and welcomes to this listing those sites, in the judgment of its curators, that meet its world-class standard or are otherwise of interest to the digital art community. We look at the content of the site (the art), not its design.

MOCANET is intended to bring traffic and recognition to member sites, and to bring MOCA to the attention of an even wider audience via member site links.

Member sites are requested to post a MOCA link confirming their membership in MOCANET. We will provide the link with instructions on installing it.

MOCANET is exclusively devoted to personal art web sites. It excludes commercial sites, sites that represent a collection or group of artists, and sites where digital art is not a major feature.

Inclusion in this listing is widely regarded as a mark of excellence. Please be aware that not all sites are accepted into the MOCA network.


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We will review your website and get back to you within 24 - 36 hours. Thanks!