Tom McKeith
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Tom McKeith has an MFA in fine art with a concentration in photography. He has been working digitally for about 15 years and has exhibited in Southern California and in Sacramento, California, where he is presently located. He has fine illustrative skills.

He writes, "Many of my ideas are gleaned from disparate images I have collected or seen through the years. For example, the image entitled 'Hands' (Page 06 in this exhibit) is an homage to the architect Norman Foster's 'Gherkin', a magnificent building in London. I love architecture and feel that the 'Gherkin' is the jewel in the crown of Foster's portfolio. I took a photograph of the building and proceeded, in an intuitive fashion, to create an image around it. In the piece 'Flying' (Page05 in this exhibit) I began with an image of an egg and my thought process took me to Renaissance times and the great artists such as Michelangelo and Donatello, and the birth of new art forms, as well as the introduction of geometry and perspective. Some pieces, however, have very little pre-conception involved and are solely based upon what 'looks good'. The image entitled 'Temple' (Page12 in this series) would probably fall into this category.