Astronomical Portraits and Exotic Machines
Ciro Marchetti
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Ciro Marchetti grew up in Great Britain and graduated from the Croydon College of Art, but has lived for more than a decade in Miami, Florida, where he is a graphic designer and president of a graphic design firm. This is his second exhibit at MOCA. Some of these works are illustrations for an astronomical calendar and some, in whole or in part, are expressions of his long-standing interest in old mechanical instruments and artifacts such as compasses, theodolytes, sextants and kaleidoscopes. This is an art of "exotic machines, somewhat dated in style and engineering, yet capable of function beyond the current capacity of today's real world science."

He writes, "I've used Adobe Photoshop in my corporate work for a number of years and [it] allows me to pretty much reproduce most ideas and effects I wish. While I have a reasonably clear idea of my illustrations from the onset, I nevertheless use the capacity of layers, and color modes constantly, making adjustments to composition, color and light. This very often results in a different arrangement and mood to the one I originally planned. Another important feature is texture; I very deliberately break up the computer clean surfaces of the images by painting through a selection of custom prepared textured alpha channels. This adds a controllable tactile surface quality to the imagery where appropriate; i.e. rusted metal, rough stone." His art has won a number of prizes at MacWorld competitions and elsewhere.

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