States of Mind
Eric W. Kuns
Hue Girls on Bike
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Eric Kuns writes, "I have a Masters in Fine Art from UC Irvine, and a Bachelors in Studio Art from UCLA (where I received a $10,000 fellowship from a juried exhibition of student work).

"My current work is created on the computer using PhotoShop, a drawing tablet, and my own drawings, scans, and photos. I use the computer to expand the possibilities of what I could formerly achieve using more traditional mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, as well as to explore new realms computer technology has opened.

"I strive to create beautiful, engaging, interesting, evocative, and novel imagery. I think that's enough to say, and I'd rather people gave the time to looking at my art rather than reading about it. Keep in mind that the images can be printed out quite large, and one is generally looking at a much smaller version than the original file."