Karin Kuhlmann
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Karin Kuhlmann's abstract art is one of the glories of algorithmic art. She calls her work AbstraXness, and it has had wide celebrity in recent years and has won a number of awards. These 12 works included in this exhibit were composed and colored in Photoshop using KPT5's FraxFrame filter, and may be characterized generally as fractals.

The artist, born 1948, lives and works in in Verl, Germany. She studied photography and graphic design and has been a commercial artist for many years, working for such firms as Bertelsmann and Nobilia, and as a publicist.

She writes, "Since beginning to use the computer as a personal artistic tool in 1996 I tended more and more towards abstraction. Like the surrealists and some abstractionists I prefer to utilize 'Automatism' for my creative processes in order to release my inner pictures. I usually generate a series of inspiring and associative shapes on transparent layers and combine them to form subtle arrangements of glowing transparent areas of colors, including the light behind it. Drawing by algorithm depends widely on coincidence. However, generating and selecting of dynamic organic forms, their editing and coloring, is based on what psychologists refer to as 'subjective perception'. Mathematical art is - although it seems to be a contradiction in terms - a very intuitive and individual kind of work."

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