Digital-Traditional Fusion
Dorothy Simpson Krause
Vengeance is Mine
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Dot Krause often begins a series with a prototype in book form, as pictured above. The images that follow are from the related series "body + soul." introduced at the Danforth Museum of Art in the Spring of 2003. Body + soul began with a series of photographs taken of twin performance artists. The works were printed on substrates such as polycarbonate, wrinkled tin nailed to plywood, and even antique lead ceiling tiles.

She writes "I have combined traditional and digital media. My work embeds archetypal symbols and fragments of image and text in multiple layers of texture and meaning. It combines the humblest of materials with the latest in technology to evoke the past and herald the future."

Her vita is extensive. Highlights include: Professor Emeritus from Massachusetts College of Art, founder of the Computer Arts Center, member of Unique Editions™ and Digital Atelier®, and 2000 recipient of the Kodak Innovator Award. In June 2001, with Digital Atelier, she demonstrated digital printmaking techniques at the opening of the Brooklyn Museum of Art 27th Print National, Digital: Printmaking Now. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and symposia and a consultant for manufacturers and distributors of products which may be used by fine artists. Her work is exhibited regularly in galleries and museums and featured in numerous books and periodicals.

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