When Robots Were
Christian Kokai-Kun
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Christian Kokai-Kun has been an artist for over 30 years. He is from Hungry and Australia, where he took a degree in fine arts, and currently lives in Budapest. The 16 images shown here are included in an exhibit to be shown in Budapest called "When Robots Were". They have all been created in the last year. He writes, "I work starting from a specific idea which is usually very roughly sketched on paper to make sure that the idea 'looks' appropriate to my initial idea. Usually there are alterations and adjustments as the work is created and new ideas usually flow into the work during the process. Once this has been done I start creating the main elements (in my computers) of the image and begin to gather the parts that will end up being composited into the final image.

"Most of the 'parts' are created in '3d Studio Max', 'ZBrush', 'Maya' and also in a number of smaller programs that deal with either mathematical visualisation or are specific to backgrounds like 'Vue d'sprit'. Once these 'parts' are made I begin to composit using such programs as 'Photoshop' , 'Corel Painter', or even in '3d Studio Max'.

"Once the artwork is finished I will either print these out in a series of equal sized A3 or A4 lazer colour printouts which are then cut by hand as precisely as possible and then mounted with a special self-developed paper gluing process on a prepared hard board. This process is quite challenging but I like it because it makes the end product something beyond just a straight print... On some works I add traditional painting techniques to enhance the digitally created 'parts'.

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