Greg Klamt

techno-organic art

Greg Klamt is a digital artist and composer/partner in the Spotted Peccary Music label. He lives north of San Diego, CA, with his wife Dana. His graphic design supports his fine art and music careers. Greg's degree is in Chinese history, but he has studied fine and digital art at UCLA and elsewhere for years. His digital art has won numerous awards. He writes, "Intrigued by surrealism and and fantasy illustration as a child, I was inspired to create imagery where the edges of reality and imagination are blurred." He has travelled and photographed widely--rocks, sand, plants, walls, or anything that might feed his creativity--to expand his library of image resources. "Creating art with computers since 1982, I have sought to incorporate these elements with original drawings, mixed media paintings, etchings, elements of graphic design, found objects, and other resources in my digital paintings." He describes his work as techno-organic to suggest his style and creative process. "My goal is to bring an organic, natural and integrated feel to my work...One of the challenges I enjoy most is moving beyond the feel of technology and instilling my individual style and perspective into my creations." Greg also has an unpolitic sense of humor, often turning on an uncommon play of word and image. Five of his cartoons conclude this exhibit.

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