Tom Hubbard
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Tom Hubbard writes, "I've come to digital abstract art after a lifetime career of realistic photography. I was a television director in Norfolk and Atlanta before becoming a newspaper photographer in Atlanta and Cincinnati. While at the Cincinnati Enquirer, from 1966 to 1978, I won 22 Ohio awards for photojournalism and two national awards, including a National Press Photographers Association award for best photo story coverage of the Senate Watergate Hearings.

"I now bring abstract elements to the foreground, elevating them from a supporting role to being the subject. I work spontaneously on a piece until I see a theme. Each work remains abstract, but I see a visual theme or narrative.

"Themes arise automatically from a store of experiences from my career in realistic photography. Good photography elicits an emotional response. I work until I perceive an emotion represented in abstract forms. Usually, I feel authorship. Other times, images manifest themselves from beyond my conscious awareness."

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