Mixing Photographic Elements
Werner Hornung
Wanna Take a Ride
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Werner Hornung is a digital artist in France creating under the pseudonym Eifelturm. He writes, "I simply try to create some very modern old-fashioned paintings, seeking myself in terms of amazement ...Mixing photographic elements together with digital creations makes my style."

He was born in 1954 in a small town in southern Germany, learned graphic design in an ad agency in Switzerland, and moved to Paris in 1970 where he opened his own advertising studio. He writes, "Growing up with the Pop culture of the 70/80s, making collages was my THING. Yes, we are talking glue and scissors here. Bits and pieces taken out of books and magazines, blame Warhols soupcan, creating new worlds and putting dreams on paper... Computer work only started in 1994 scanning my collages and enhancing them in Photoshop...and Kai's Power Tools. Nevertheless, my favorite software is "FLAIR" and it is situated on the right side of my brain..."