Bolzanogold I and II
and Butter Crucifix Gold

Three Flash Movies
by Peter Greenaway and Istvan Horkay

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Peter Greenaway Sandor Soeth Istvan Horkay 2004

Flash Movie Sequence

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Bolzanogold I (45 MB)

Bolzanogold II (28 MB)

Butter Crucifix Gold (78 MB)


Story by

Peter Greenaway

Graphic design
Horkay Istvan
© 2004


Video Assist
Tibor Kovacs- egri
Szilvi Ruszev

Ellinger Edina
Horkay Péter
Horkay Istvan
Kolnhofer Istvan


Sandra Chechik


Sandor Soth


Peter Greenaway, born in Great Britain, is an experimental and alternative filmmaker based in Holland. Istvan Horkay is a Hungarian digital artist whose work has long appeared at MOCA and is well-represented in museums and galleries in Europe and America. Bolzanogold, a Flash movie, is a collaboration between the two artists, with a passionate musical score by Canadian-born Sandra Chechik. Bolzanogold is a fictional documentary based on a Greenaway story relating to the transport of 101 Nazi contraband gold bars (later reduced to 92, the atomic number for Uranium) to the small city of Bolzano, Italy, in the waning days of World War II. The gold was probably retreived and smelted down from Nazi victims or from crucifixes. Numbers become a significant motif in the movie, as does the Star of David, the emblem of identity that the Nazis required the Jews to wear. It is a documentary of hallucinating real documents, postcards, family photographs, museum relics, scientific devices and historical symbols, and images recalling the German occupation of Europe and the terror imposed on the Jews. It is a movie of deep ambiguity, impossible to deconstruct, and profound to view and hear.

Don Archer, MOCA director
October 2004