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Lawrence Taylor
Painted Bottles
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Lawrence Taylor writes, "I have studied graphic art, photography and life drawing at a fairly basic level. I have kept some images stored in my head for over 20 years, because I did not know how to put them down on paper. Then, with the arrival of computer technology, I began to see a way in which this would be possible. I never did take to painting, and know I know why, I was waiting for a new way of working to be invented! Seriously, there is a time to do certain things in life, and this is my time to create digital art.

"I put my basic ideas down on paper, scan them into a computer, and then manipulate them using digital tools until I am satisfied with the results. There are no big secrets. For me, art is about saying something to the viewer, but without being cliched, boring or too clever. I believe I'm only at the beginning of a very long journey, and hope that it will take me to places I never expected to go."