Guest Gallery
Shirley Steele
Mondrians No. EE-01
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Shirley Steele writes, "My work is archival giclee. I make each digital print using a variable combination of photography, standard graphics tools, and custom software that I write myself. In subject matter, my work explores the growing symbiosis between humans and computing technology. The human figures in the images are intertwined with the rational, orderly forms of artificial intelligence.

"I created the images in this series by starting with actual circuit diagrams that I found on the web. Then, using standard graphics manipulation tools, I changed the diagrams from their original state into forms that are organic and chaotic. Next, after looking at a lot of Mondrians. I closed the books and re-invented some "Mondrians," again using standard graphics tools. Then I integrated the clean abstract Mondrian-esque forms with the chaotic circuitry to suggest that technology is changing even the most basic elements of art and society.

"In my former career as a computer speech scientist, I worked in research at several large companies, including Texas Instruments, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Unisys Corp. Later, I studied painting and drawing at the Art Students' League in New York and at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Now I am combining my art training with my love of computers and technology."

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