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Phil Slattery
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Phil Slattery writes, "I have had an interest in visual art for many years. Recently, however, I began to experiment with developing my own abstract, abstract expressionist, and impressionist art after experimenting with altering many of my photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Since then I have become fascinated with the abilities of colors and shapes to perform subtle magic, such as expressing three dimensions in a two-dimensional medium, evoking emotion, stimulating the intellect, and toying with the sense of vision.

"I have been called an elementalist, because I experiment with the elements of art: contrasting colors, bright hues and tones, textures, dispersal of selected colors across the canvas (digital or real), depth perception based on color contrasts, and so forth. Although I prefer to let others develop the terms to describe what I do, so far I have found this description the most accurate".

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