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Alice Major
Trumpet Vine
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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, now living in Freehold, NJ, Alice Major's passion is floral photography. She uses a conventional camera to capture her images, which she scans into the computer and manipulates in Photoshop. She writes, "The fascinating aspect of this medium is that, although the images are always first and foremost photographs, sometimes the results will appear to have been done in watercolors, or pastels, pen and ink, charcoal, and so forth. Sometimes they appear to be landscapes, architecture, portraits, or abstract designs."

She says, "The sculptural splendor, mathematical perfection and seductive sensuality of flowers inspire such wonder, and their beauty fills me with a joy so overflowing, that it seeks to spill into the world through personal interpretation. Through my images, I am able to share this interpretation with you."

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