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Andrew Hindman
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Andrew Hindman was born in 1969, in San Rafael, California. He currently resides in Sacramento, CA., with his wife and three children. He received a BA from San Jose State University, with an emphasis in painting and drawing. The artist says, "I struggled a lot while in school. I tried a lot of different things: graphic design, industrial design, sculpture. It wasn't until I took a class in expressive drawing that I found a real passion for art. That class was the beginning of my journey." His work includes painting, scanning, printing, photography, collaging and fractals. He is especially inventive in embedding his fractals in his art. Working randomly and intuitively, he feels that his best art is achieved when there is "no thought". His favorite pieces are those that leave the most to interpretation. The artist says, "Art to me is an act of exploration. I enjoy never knowing what it is that I will find. There is an excitement there; that is essential for me. Without it, I would not create. When a piece is finished, I have discovered new places, people, animals and creatures, all within my art."

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