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Éva Gyorffy
Mirror 001
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Éva Gyorffy is of Hungarian origin and was was born in Arad, Romania. She has lived and worked as painter and stage designer in many European countries. She is currently based in Oostzaan, Holland. Her computer work is produced by painting with a Wacom tablet, by scanning and reworking her oil paintings, and with a digital camera. She uses Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop to integrate her art. Her work has been defined as "expressionistic with signs of symbolism", as having "psychological content" and as being "colourful with pictorial sensibility." Her art has been in many one-woman and group shows and in private collections for many years.

The artist characterizes her new series called Mirrors, six of which appear here, as: "Waiting people, silent expectations, the expression of unexpected moments, the unseen seconds of great tensions, and as virtual descriptions of physical experiencies."

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