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Richard Canington
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Richard Canington's art would seem mostly to be created by algorithmic or mathematical processes. He is located in Panama City, Florida. He went to Florida State University and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and has a degree in graphic design.

He writes, "I create my works to be seen and understood from any distance. They change as you move nearer. Dumb from a distance, they get smarter and more complex as you are drawn closer. You are seduced. By this time I've already made love to your girlfriend, beaten your dog, and emptied out your bank account. I want my art to say 'yes' at 20 feet, 'no' at 10, and as you slide in closer you've convinced yourself that 'no' means 'yes'. Shapes and compositions change, as ultimately everything flows out of a pattern that's basically been beaten to death. It's my pathetic, flailing, incredibly awkward attempt to control something, at least one thing, in my ever shortening, shabby example of a life. And I can work with that. I can build on that. Great art, and by that I mean really great art, always says the least, to the most, for the longest. Ideally, it would say nothing, to everyone, forever. And that's what drives me. That's what gets me out of bed every morning. What can I do today, what can I do right now, to fulfill my dream, of saying absolutely nothing, to everyone, forever? Heady stuff."