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Sam Bahreini
Adam's Rib
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Sam Bahreini writes, "Sights and sounds and smells can make the past live again. As an artist and scalar of ancient history who identifies himself with the past, I have attempted to merge the essences of the classical world with mythology and mysticism: a romantic approach to antiquities only to capture those moments lost for so long beneath the sands of time, a flash similar to a frame out of a movie, a still shot from the past. That all being said, this is what I would like to call Dream Alchemy.

"I am self-thought computer graphic artist with the background of sculpting, painting and music based in California (LA). All my life I have been meaning to find a new medium to express my thoughts and imaginations, to be able to present my mind's eye from a different angle. I tried painting, too messy, tried sculpting, too hard, I even wrote poetry, too soft, until the day that I discovered digital art and realized that this medium is exactly what I have been seeking. This new approach enabled me to apply my art to its vast ocean of possibilities and allowed me to express myself in a style that no one has attempted before. Photoshop is my medium of choice."