Surrealism: Erotic
Francesco D'Isa
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Francesco D'Isa was born in 1980 in Florence, Italy, and studied philosophy at the University of Florence. He tells us that he is self-taught as an artist, his fascination with visual imagery having propelled him into mastering the required skills. He has published most of his digital and traditional artworks in the Italian art & literature magazine "Mostro". He has already, it would seem, evolved a personal, if idiosyncratic, style that is both curiously erotic and witty. One critic described his work as "...[p]ortraits with malleable and distorted faces, patched-up silhouettes and bodies like flowing wax, in a very organic surrealism that keeps the beauty of an oddly sensuous and arousing feminity." He is also a superb draftsman, as four of his drawings that conclude this exhibit will confirm.

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