New Media Gallery
Odd Year
by Yechiam Gal

Yechiam Gal is a conceptual artist and educator currently living in the village of Catskill, NY, where he also operates the Atelier Progressif gallery for the exhibit of digital art. Mr. Gal is a highly skilled digital art animator and has taught at a number of highly respected institutions, including the School of Visual Arts, in Manhattan, NY; Camera Obscura, in Tel Aviv, Israel; and, for the last 18 years, at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY.

His professional career spans more than 32 years in various aspects of media production. Much of his time and creative energies have been devoted to the experimental exploration of new technology within the realm of modern art, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary media and approaches to art as part of a larger investigation into the creative process.

This video is an example, among other strengths, of his prowess as a digital animator.

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