Digital Video and Audio Art
Susan Williams
Susan Williams new digital still art is called EDGES. They are printed on 6 x 8 foot canvases.

Susan Williams writes:

"EDGES ART VIDEO displays some of the EDGE Art Works as they constantly change and flow into new spaces. The white space represents infinite possibilities, where the viewer may interact with his mind and thoughts. The concept was derived from thinking about the massive amount of information the internet offers -- a world without edges or a 'mind infinity'. On the edges are motion, form and color like the activity in our lives.

"In these new images the white framed spaces represent the infinite possibilities of creation within, or all possibilities. The space is intentionally white or open to engage any thought or reaction or concept, etc. The outer edges are the playing field.

"The viewer may engage in his own inner world (the white space). No doubt some will find these disturbing to have so much open space! Others may engage.

"The computer, like the paint brush, is a tool to achieve an end result.

"Perhaps the beauty of living in this time is that the tools of art have been expanded. Thanks to the computer so many new realities and explorations are possible. Creating and defining new ways of seeing the familiar have always been, in my mind, what art is all about."

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