Digital Video and Audio Art
Superformula Accelerator
by Ian Clemmer
Digital Harmony

Playing time 8-plus minutes. From a series called Superflow, a Bachelor thesis.

Ian Clemmer was born in Seattle but spent the last decade of his life in Germany. He graduated with a BA degree in digital art and media production from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany, in 2010, and has worked for Pixomondo, a motion graphics company, and the Sony Corporation. He currently lives in Venice, CA. He is both a professional photographer and a motion graphics artist, and a programmer and developer of 3D software that creates complex motion graphic effects. He calls his results visual music or "viusic"--a concept inspired by computer graphics pioneer John Whitney. "If harmony is audible, why not visible?" Clemmer asks. His work aspires to Digital Harmony.

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