Digital Video and Audio Art
Rotating Mandel 2
by Tad Boniecki
This is another example of Tad Boniecki's video art based on fractal structures.

It features a julia fractal made using the Visions of Chaos program. It shows the rotation of a three-dimensional fractal, allowing us to see its structure from various angles. It runs for about 1 1/12 minutes. No music.

Tad has been making fractals for seventeen years and has made 28,000 of these intriguing images. His background is in mathematics and computing but art has always been an interest. In addition to fractals, Tad makes mosaics, fused glass plates and is a keen photographer, especially of bugs, flowers and birds. His interest in fractals was rekindled when he learned about the Mandelbrot in 2010. He has worked with Jason Rampe, the author of the Visions of Chaos, to develop the program.

Tad is fascinated by fractals because to him they allow entry into an alien world, one untouched by human hands. He loves the complexity, intricate detail and organic shapes that often appear. He seeks to make fractals that are intriguing, suggestive, bold and complex. He thinks that fractal-making is all about exploring and framing, rather than creating.

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