Digital Video and Audio Art
Butterfly Fractal
by Carlos Romero and Vito Palumbo

^Adjust video in frame, if necessary, or go full screen^

Playing time about two minutes.

Art by Carlos Romero using Scott Draves Electric Sheep visual engine. Music by Vito Palumbo.

Carlos Romero took a degree in art from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY, in 1982 and is current based in Greenville, North Carolina. He is the founder of !kohaus Avant Garde Art!sts. His concept in this video is to give visual form to the ideas expressed in Scott Palumbo's music.

Vito Palumbo is a classically trained Italian composer. He earned a diploma in piano, composition and electronic music with full honors at the Conservatory "N. Piccinni" in Bari, Italy, and has to his credit fifty published works, including two commissions from the Berlin Philharmonic.

Sonia Bergamasco, voce recitante
Vsevolod Dvorkin, piano

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