A Flash video
by James Pollack

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M U SH by James Pollack is an interactive video which takes as its subject matter articles that appeared in the New Yorker magazine and in the UK's Guardian about "Ten Rules for Writing Fiction (Or, Why Mush Will Never Triumph)." It is without musical, or sound, acompaniment. It may be unfinished. It may be part of a very influential body of video work by the artist.

The artist, James Pollack, wrote:

"These bytes are simply crying out to be mashed and wikied by the hive, endlessly worked over in the name of increasing the correctness or definitiveness of a master list. But the Guardian's survey shows that such a list would be valueless: should any single rule be taken out of context, or tweaked to more closely resemble another, it would lose all meaning. The lists derive their meaning from the strong voices and personalities of the writers who made them, and from their individual works.

"So I remixed all of the Guardian's content (numbers, authors, 'rules') to see what would happen."