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Three Flash animations by Simon Millgate


This animation continues to play until the page is closed or the animation is re-played. Each replay will draw a different image. To replay, press the browser's refresh button.

Simon Millgate calls his Flash art "web easel" animations. He writes, "I was born in England in 1963, studied fine art at Coventry University 1983-86, and lived in Scotland 1987-1997 where I spent a lot of time climbing and wandering in the highlands. This is where most of my inspiration comes from. As an artist I worked in traditional mediums, mainly drawing and painting until 1997, when I discovered Adobe Photoshop which revolutionised image-making for me. Although I am now using digital means and living in London, predominantly the themes and ideas of my work are the same: always working with natural forms and surfaces to discover fresh means of image-making. Nature appears to have an infinite number of styles. The way rock is formed or the manner in which a tree grows is a unique 'style' in the same way as an artist has a style unique to himself. In the web easel pieces I have tried to model certain simple principles in actionscript such as a basic landscape with strata and sky, or simple life forms. These pieces generate themselves according to a programmed style but there are enough random elements to make each generation unique. I like to think of these pieces as equivalents of nature and not just static representations."

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