New Media gallery

Shoot the Bird, an interactive Flash exhibit
by Joseph Franklyn McElroy & Donna McElroy

(click on leading bird)

Joseph Franklyn McElroy & Donna McElroy are a husband-and-wife team in New York City. They write, "Joseph has been a poet, painter, performer, programmer, and pompous pontificator most of his life...[and] Donna McElroy has been a designer, developer, debutant, dress-maker, draftsman, and dragon lady most of her life." Their work has been included in the ElectronicOrphanage online Whitney Biennial 2002 exhibit. They operate a web design firm, Electric Hands, Inc.

McElroys' Electric Hands website

JD Jarvis, MOCA's contributing editor, writes of his experience with the New Media and the Shoot the Bird movie.

Jarvis critique of Shoot the Bird