Digital Video and Audio Art
Into the Colorflow
Generative Mathematical Art
by Jonathan McCabe

This animation is an example of generative mathematical art. It is without soundtrack. 43MBs. About 10 minutes playing time. Repeats.

Jonathan McCabe is an Australian generative artist living in the Canberra suburb of Ainslie. He is interested in spontaneous pattern formation in the natural world, and the application of its "algorithms" to generative mathematical computer art. He has a Masters of Art from the Australian National University.

The author writes:

"Three processes interact to make this animation. A spontaneous differentiation due to a multi-scale Turing instability causes the development of dots and lines of various colors. Each color is also a movement, leading to a compressible flow which smears and obliterates the dots and lines. The third process is an overall exponential growth or inflation. Small structures expand, and the Turing instability causes sub-structures to form." MOCA's Digital Video and Audio Index

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