Digital Video and Audio Art
The Crazy Art Museum
by Hajo Drott


Requires Quicktime. 7.4 MBs. Playing time about 3 minutes.

Hajo Drott writes: "The work 'The Crazy Art Museum' was completed with the help of video and audio software in early 2009. The tenor of the individual sequences is humorous and thoughtful at the same time. The starting point is static images or image portions of well-known artists such as Duchamp, Malewich, Botticelli, Tinguly, Matta, Picasso, Magritte or Dix. The question asks, what is behind the blue color of Ives Klein, if this color falls out of the frame? How humorous, and pointless, and yet full of poetry to move Tinguly's equipment. Duchamp's urinal turning on the monument asks fundamental questions of art. Like Magritte's image 'This is Not a Pipe", which locates it as real, it remains notionally in the picture. What is Malewich's Suprematism? The black nothingness of the inter- black square? Maybe one should view the animation for several sequences as a game or question..."

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