Digital Video and Audio Art
Peyote Queen (1965)
by Storm De Hirsch

About 8 minute playing time.

Storm de Hirsch worked in the New York Avant-Garde film scene prior to the advent of video.

Her work influences and anticipates the work of many later and current video artists.

She was present in the underground film movement of the 1960s and socialized with every big name on the scene, filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, Shirley Clarke and others. She mentions Jack Smith, Ingmar Bergman, Gregory Markopoulos, Michaelangelo Antoniono, Vittorio De Seta, Ken Jacobs, Federico Fellini and Jonas and Adolphus Mekas as her favorite film-makers.

Much of her work is abstract and employs a number of experimental techniques. She used old, unused film stock and several roles of 16mm. sound tape, discarded surgical instruments and the sharp edge of a screwdriver - by cutting, etching, and painting directly on both film and tape.

Note the marvelous synchronization between the jazz score & jungle beat and the artist's hand-drawn ever-pulsating graphics.

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