Digital Video and Audio Art
by Darren Williams


Requires Quicktime. Please wait for video to load. 29 MBs. Playing time 1 min 48 sec. The above photo is a copy of the original from which the video was made. The name Sarn is from the location where the photo was shot.

Darren Williams writes:

"First off I'm not an artist. I'm a web developer/programmer (rather than designer). On a recent holiday I took a pic on my phone of a deserted beach and it reminded me a bit of Rothko. I wondered what would happen if I took a (possibly random) 1 pixel vertical slice and replicated this across 1630 pixels (the width of the original image). Then I thought it would be interesting to take an image and do this for each 1 pixel vertical slice, thus producing 1630 separate images, and compile these into a video. So, on my return I wrote a fairly simple c# program to achieve this. The results are 'interesting' but I've so far only applied it to one image because of the time it takes to compile the images (>6 hours). I'm just wondering if anyone has applied this technique before."

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