Digital Video and Audio Art
Eau de Vie
by Andrea Daquino


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This movie is almost 1 MB in size.You can turn up your speakers, for the music and lyrics are as charming as the animation itself.

Andrea D'Aquino has always resisted labels like "art director", "illustrator", "graphic designer", or "writer", and finds herself happiest straddling the line between all those things. For several centuries, she was officially a senior art director for advertising agencies on the east and west coast of the USA. After doing time for clients like Giorgio Armani, The New York Times, and countless others, she became an independent "creative". All the while, she gained experience in every medium from print, film and video to digital, and collaborated with world-class photographers, film directors and editors, illustrators and the occasional evil dictator.

Despite numerous awards from The Art Director's Club, Communication Arts, etc etc....she became increasingly frustrated by the mountain of ideas that ended up in the garbage pail for one reason or another, and turned back to her childhood interests of drawing, painting and making pictures.

So, here's where you find her. While there is a very personal stamp on her work, she does not consider herself "a brand" (no, thank you) but an actual person with complexity and contradictions. She reserves the right to be unpredictable and to work in a wide variety of media.

In the last year, her work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, and American Illustration. Her ability to dream up projects such as short stories, operas, films and public sculpture - yet not follow through on them remains unparalleled.

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