Digital Video and Audio Art
Picasso, Falling Down a Staircase
by Brummbaer

A Flash movie. Please wait for video to load. About 3 minutes playing time.

The artist asks, "... or was it Cezanne [falling down the staircase]? Were they painting the town red, and is there a reasonable explanation for all this, beyond my rambling? Astonishingly, it is all created by one single morphing fractal."

This animated fractal is based on Mandelbulb 3D software. It scored strongly in the Fractal Forum 2012 short animation competition. An interesting example of the possibilities inherent in 3D rendering technique applied to the geometry of Benoit Mandelbrot.

Brummbaer (born August 18, 1945) is a German digital artist who has done work as an art director, designer, graphic artist, and 3D modeler. As an actor he has appeared in various German TV movies, and also produced and directed. In the latter part of his career he became focused on computer graphics, and has since created several short computer-generated animations like this one here and has done visual effects for movies.

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