Digital Video and Audio Art
by Truman Brown
A fractal video entered in the FractalForum 2013 film competition . Please wait for video to load. About 5 minutes playing time. This is an animated fractal based on Mandelbulb 3D software, and a dramatic example of the possibilities inherent in 3D rendering technique applied to the geometry of Benoit Mandelbrot.

Truman Brown writes:

"Way back in the waning dark days of DOS, circa 1989 or so, I was introduced to the wonders of ray-tracing by way of a little program called DKBTrace. To me, this program was miraculous. It enabled me to type in textual instructions into a script and render incredibly photo-realistic 24-bit color images with my bad-ass little IBM 386 clone (with its awesome 512 megabytes of RAM). Needless to say, I was hooked at my first rendering.

"In the years since that introduction into the wonderful world of computer graphics, I've dabbled with an assortment of different graphical palettes including Flash animation, ray-tracing, Photoshop, fractals, and HDR photography. I can't say that I've gotten very good at any of these things, but at least I've been having a ton of fun in the process."

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