Digital Video Art
Amor Fati
By Halina Witek
An Art and Music Animation


Requires Quicktime
About 3-minute playing time

Amor Fati is a Latin phrase meaning "Love thy fate;" that is, accept the conditions of your life.

Halina Witek, born in Poland, studied architecture at the Technical University of Wroclaw and at the Art Academy in Wroclaw. She was founder, director Theatre Het Klein in Eindhoven, Holland, 1975 - 2005 and founder and art director Project Klein in Eindhoven from 2005. Her work includes theatre decor, costume design, modern dance choreography, theatre direction, acting, mime, video, computer animations, and 3D multimedia installations. She uses an interest in science, especially physics, as inspiration.

Her work finds expression in 2D painting, modern dance choreography and 3D computer animation. She says she is searching for new forms of expression that can bridge communication between material appearance and the virtual world of art.

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