Vector Art
Wil Dawson
Cane, Chain and Stone
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Wil Dawson lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He was an art minor in college but largely thinks of hmself as self-taught. He lived in Spain for many years and says this sometimes influences the subject matter of his pictures, although composition of a picture is even more important to him than subject matter. He has painted all his life, but has not touched a real brush since he discovered 10 years ago that he could create pictures on his computer. He uses Corel Draw, a vector-drawing program, and works on a PC. Vector graphics are based on geometric lines and shapes, and tend to be more "painterly" than bitmap (raster) images. Because they are composed of forms and color fills, vector images have a different texture and style from bitmap images (which address the individual pixel), but are equal at least in esthetic quality, as these image confirm.