Elements of Typography
Christel Dall
Your Junk - My Treasure
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This is a re-installation of an exhibit previously available at MOCA but now re-sequenced with a new image added. This re-installation seems advisable because it gives the artist a major presence on the web that is not otherwise available.

Christel Dall originally wrote, "I am a 'compulsive photographer', working as a photojournalist for a small daily newspaper in Denmark. I have recently begun exploring the realm of digital art, after having digitally enhanced my photos for several years. I work with advertising too, and sell the odd print once in a while. I was a hobby photographer for more than ten years before I turned pro, and I am self-taught both as a writer and photographer. Born 1965, I am a single mother of a boy aged 5. I studied philosophy for six years and later multimedia design, but dropped out. I worked as a nursery gardener, cleaner and department store decorator. Generally I donīt like talking about myself. Iīm not very interesting. I pour a lot of emotions into my pictures, but ultimately the viewer adds his own content. 'We donīt see things as they are - we see them as we are.' (The Talmud) Besides photography, I love to work with typography and to incorporate words as compositional elements in pictures. I can be everything from minimalist to surrealist depending on where the whim takes me. Adobe Photoshop is my preferred tool."

The images here are cries of communication: letters, missives, messages from the heart. This is as close as graphics gets to autobiography.