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Björn Dämpfling
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Björn Dämpfling has worked out a unique and fertile digital style which is easily identifiable as his own, his art being full of improbable biological specimens, whether fish, fauna, insect or bird. He was born in 1949 and lives in Berlin, Germany. He has a doctorate in economics but has been doing art for much of his life. It is now his main activity. He uses painting programs such as Fractal Painter and Freehand, often with a Wacom tablet, and sometimes uses scanned paper sketches. He writes, "I have always and will go on creating art as long as I can surprise myself by neither copying others nor myself (some call that 'finding a style', I call that boredom". He wants his art to be "identifiable 'Dämpfling' yes," but believes the most important value in creating art is freedom of creation.

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