Charles Csuri
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In the era of the punch-card computer Charles Csuri turned from a successful career as a modernist painter to the improbable potential of digital art. That was in 1964. Now at the age of 83, Csuri is recognized as one of the great teachers, researchers and pioneers of computer art. He is today professor emeritus at Ohio State University, where he taught and headed up its digital art program for many years. He is one of the fathers of programmed and algorithmic art, of 3D still art and animation, of virtual reality, and his work has influenced such fields as flight simulation, magnetic resonance imaging, game design and more. His students populate many digital animation companies including Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic, and Silicon Graphics, and his own art and research have been celebrated worldwide in many shows and publications. Inluded here is a short and almost a random sampling of twelve still images by the artist. Some works are algorithmic and fractal-like, one ("Fear") includes hand drawing, and all were drawn in whole or in part by software code of the artist's devising.

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