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MOCA: Museum of Computer Art
an International Digital Art Print Show
at Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York City
January 3, 2004 through January 13, 2004
                     guest comments

The following unsolicted hand-written comments are transcribed from a guestbook that was kept at the Cork gallery show.

"Wonderful!" Sheila Blume, Sayville, NY.

"An exciting exhibit! Looking forward to meeting other artists besides the affable Mr. Respess," Harold Steele.

"Great exhibit!" Edria Parks, Amityville, NY.

"A fascinating exhibit," Michael H. Hart.

"Fantastic!! I enjoyed. Luv," Jean.

"Ron - Loved it" Bernie.

"Ron - It was great," Ellen.

"38, 39 & 40 were excellent What vivid color," Flo Mauie, NY.

"Great show!!!" Silke and Niko Kueke.

"Wonderful, fun & exciting," Beverly Gardner, Woonsocket, RI.

"Most interesting!" L Beauyon.

"Very nice show," R. Davis.

"Very refreshing, interesting show!" Prof. Y. Aronson.

"Nice opens up the mind's eye," Stephen Hestery.

"I have never seen art quite like this. The quality and breadth are tremendous. Thank you for bringing these works to light," J. Olin.

"Wonderful exhibition," Edora Deites.

"Fascinating. I just stumbled into it. Would be interested in a little explanation of computer techniques in art," Fran Weiss.

"A real treat. It's inspiring to see what's possible & perhaps it will motivate me to learn to use a computer. Bravo!" Pamela Bender.

The guestbook was also signed without comment from visitors as far away as Adelaide, Australia.