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Nathan Brusovani
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Nathan Brusovani was born in 1956 in Leningrad and graduated from Leningrad University with a Master's degree in 1978. He spent the next eight years studying photo art in his home laboratory under the influence of his elder brother, an artist. During the same period of time he also taught Hebrew and was active in Jewish cultural life. He participated in various underground exhibitions in Moscow and Leningrad. While still a refusnik he succeeded in smuggling out some of the negatives of his work into the USA and Israel, and in 1987 received permission, along with his wife Hana and four children, to emigrate to Israel where he lives now.

These twelve images shown here are from a series called "Jerusalem on One Pixel." He writes, "As an artist, I am interested in capturing those elusive images that dreams are made of... My photo archive contains the seeds from which my images grow. Before starting the computer manipulation, I ponder this archive, seeking fresh and innovative juxtapositions that expand the possibilities of the initial subject matter and surpass the boundaries of ordinary experience. It is my conviction that the whole process of image creation, from camera shooting to darkroom or computer manipulation, is capable of being, in the truest sense, a visual research lab a place for discovery, observation, and meditation. Ultimately, my task is to amaze the watcher. ...I aim to combat visual mediocrity and try to challenge the boundaries of photography ...causing everything to be more real, more alive than in real life."

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