Transmuted Photography
Thomas Bijon
Morocco IIB.8
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Thomas Bijon, 34 years old, was born in Strasbourg, France, and lives in Paris. He writes, "At the origin of my pictures there is a photography. Once digitized, I will split up the signs that enable their reading. For example, a piece of architecture will be split up into independent elements such as its color, its texture, its shadows...Those elements are then duplicated, moved, piled up on successive layers in a composition where the photo is transmuted into a painting." He thinks of his art as an "antidote" to the commercial, ideological, proselytizing images of graphic designers, admen, journalists, and artists who use their pictures to impose their point of view. His answer is to create images that "stimulate the imagination of the onlooker instead of being the expression of the imagination of the creator."

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