Genesis Calendar
Christopher Bennett
Warming at the Fire (The Creation)
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Christopher Bennett was born in Lancashire, North England, in 1965 and now lives in Isny Im Allgau, Germany, with his wife and two-year old son. He studied art and design at college in England and worked for several years in print and advertising design. He writes, "I have always wanted to explore the possibilities of reproducing early Surrealist painters such as Bosch, Bruegel, and Arcimboldo in a modern photographic/realistic style." Inspired by Peter Bruegel's "Seasons", paintings depicting the months of the year (some of which have been lost), Bennett added a religious theme to the idea of a calendar and created a "storyline" based on the book of Genesis.

That storyline resulted in the twelve images shown here. The project took some eight months to complete. The images are montages of digital photographs taken by the artist or accessed from photo archives, and carefully manipulated and collaged.