Contamination among the Arts
Alessandro Bavari
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Alessandro Bavari is a pioneer of surrealistic art on the web and his work has been so influential and emulated that he may be considered the father of this major strain of digital art. He has created "a kind of contamination among the arts," as one critic put it, an admixture of photography and digital manipulation that ransacks art, culture and history.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome but in many ways is largely self-taught. He has explored many media: paint, watercolor, crayon, photography. He carries his camera with him almost always. "I consider anyway the computer," he writes, "as any other working instrument, like a brush, a palette or a darkroom." His commercial art has illustrated calendars, magazines and advertising, and his fine art has been exhibited in many group and one-man shows throughout the world. His art may sometimes seem off-putting and inaccessible, but clearly Bavari has shaped his own voice, which often draws on the resources of European mythology and literature. The voice may be tragic and sometimes grim, but maybe a sense of humor sometimes lurks as background noise. His work has the profound signature of a master.

Bavara has long had a major presence on this site. This exhibit re-orders and updates his original exhibit.

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